Nail Art Courses at Home

nail_artLearning how to create stunning designs as well as the basic techniques for creating your own masterpieces can not only be a lot of fun but also the path to a very lucrative career as a nail technician. A nail art home course is perfect for anyone wishing to add another popular enhancement to their repertoire particularly if you have and want to exercise a created side of you personality.

Home Courses With Essential Nails provide training for people who want to become a fully qualified professional nail technician but don’t want to attend class training. Its quick and easy, just order your course package and your set! It will contain everything you need to become a professional and talented nail art technician.This site has everything you need to become the artist you want to be without the hassle of having to attend class training.


Why learn at home?

Learning at home with Essential Nails has become the most popular way to become qualified in all but the most advance nail techniques, and there are some very good reasons for this. There is no time limit, no one looking over you shoulder, no limit on how long you can practice you skills. The qualifications you receive are just fully accredited and recognised and any class course. Don’t think you are on your own though, unlimited telephone support comes free to ensure that you are not left guessing and all questions are answered.

Once you order the home course all the tools, equipment and materials you need to learn and complete it will be sent to you within 3 days. So if you have children or are too busy with work to enrol in class training then this is perfect for you! It is easier for most people because the pressure is taken away and therefore improving results in a quicker time. There is no set time so you have the comfort of working in a peaceful environment at your own pace.

Pack content

na-contentThe content of you’re course package will include The nail trainer practice hand, user manual, a training DVD, 100 trainer art nails, nine 13gm art pens in a variety of colours, and so much more!

Your  tutor will be Jacqui Jefford, (Author of the encyclopaedia of nails) A very talented individual that will help you become a master in nail art. She is joined by the talented Kirsty Meakin who will help you along the way by showing you some beautiful art techniques.The DVD, specialised for beginners, is almost 2 hours long and will teach you,step by step, new techniques on how to become the best of the best.

How it works

The DVD follows a NVQ level of learning and will show you how to make 20 different beautiful designs to show off to your friends and family, get them to start recommending you to other people to build up a client list, ready for when you are.You will learn all types of skills including, striping, 2 and 3 colour marbling, blends and many more.Anyone can learn these simple yet complex techniques to WOW everybody and add a little extra to your bank account!


The course comes with question papers and a progress card, that you will be asked to take and fill in, then once you are happy with your work all you need to do is send them back and we will look at each nail you have created and let you know whether you have passed of failed in your course. But don’t worry, a reassignment if free (almost all people pass their second time round) and we will help you figure out ways to improve your talent.



Once you have passed the course you will be rewarded with a diploma certificate and can obtain your liability insurance and start working! Its a simple as that! have hundreds of happy clients, and they would like you to join them!

Creating stunning nails is becoming one of the most popular treatments in the beauty industry today, which is understandable considering you can charge up to £40 per client, therefore earning your money back almost as quickly as you spent it! All you need to do is add a little time and enthusiasm and you could be a professional in a matter of weeks!