Spa Manicure & Pedicure Home Course

man-pedThe manicure was said to have originated in India, where burnt orange henna was used to dye nails, while the Ancient Egyptians favoured the colour red as a status symbol, using a combination of strawberries and henna to create an attractive red. In the early 20th century with the industrial revolution under way, the technology in paint advanced and the manicure pedicure industry was launched.

If you are a looking for a way to up your existing beauty skills or carve a niche for yourself in this lucrative industry, then a manicure/ pedicure course is a good start. If you are looking to work from home and build your own client base, or join an existing salon, a reputable NQV certification, and accreditation by the Beauty Guild, is a necessity to remain competitive.

Essential Nails Home Courses

Essential Nails in the UK offers a distance learning spa manicure and pedicure course, including additional training on the foot spa. You can chose to learn both manicure or pedicure or both – the choice is yours. The foot spa is not part of the basis of a pedicure, but is a luxurious addition to any treatment. You will learn at home, in your own time by following a step by step DVD.


Besides their manicure/pedicure course their courses cover a wide range of exciting nail techniques including acrylics, nail art and the use of gel products. Theirs are the only accredited distance learning nail courses in the UK. They are the brainchild of Jaqui Jefford and Denise Wright.

Jaqui Jefford has worked in the beauty industry for 25 years, and is not only a salon owner, but has had 4 successful books published. Denise Wright has worked hand in hand with an impressive list of celebrities, taking care of their beauty needs. The combination of their experience has resulted in this comprehensive course being offered to wannabe technicians. The tutorial DVD’s are presented by both Jaqui and Denise.

How It Works

manicure-pedicureThe DVD’s take learners through an effective and efficient manicure and pedicure process. There is a strong emphasis on the health and safety aspects of working with client’s feet and hands. The instructions are clear and visually easy to follow. Unlimited student support is offered through telephone, Facebook and email, ensuring that you have the best possibility learning the skills to the sufficient level that your work will pass their assessments and get you the qualifications you need.

One of the distinguishing offerings of this particular course is the patented Nail Trainer Hand. Life like in feel, this practice aid offers you unlimited opportunities to fine tune your skills in the comfort of your home. The team at believe that post training, the success or failure of a good manicure or pedicure is the practitioner’s level of expertise, and expertise only comes from practice.

How To Order The Course

The course retails at around £269, and has a variety of attractive payment options to suit different wallets. A starter pack is offered which includes everything you need to get you going. The starter pack also includes some of the administrative elements of your new business, such as client record cards. also offers a solid product range, and the option to assist you in setting up your public liability and registering with the Guild.

This is a flexible way to study and earn good money or supplement an existing income.


What Qualification Do I Receive?

Upon passing the course you will be issued with seperate diploma certificates for manicure and pedicure. These are nationally recognised in the nail industry.