Fibreglass Nails Home Course

fibreglassThey may not be as popular as the acrylic or gel systems but fibreglass nails are superior in many ways:

  • Odourless application.
  • The extensions are easier to remove compared to acrylic of gel.
  • The perfect choice for someone who chews their nails.
  • The finished nails are robust and natural looking.

Fibreglass Extensions 101

In this system fibreglass mesh or fabric is applied to the nail which is then treated with a resin to make it clear. An activator is then sprayed on the resin to cure it, providing a glossy, hard and durable finish. The most significant thing which makes them different from gel and acrylic extensions is that they are water soluble so easily removed by applying water.

Fibreglass Nails Course From Home

If you want to learn and become qualified in this system but would prefer not to attend classes you can join the thousands of other students who learn their nail technology skills at home with Essential Nails. You will learn how to apply fibreglass nail extensions at your own pace, practising as often as you wish, for as long as you wish and only send your work back for assessment when you are completely happy with it.


 How Does It Work?

fibreglass-contentYou order the course pack form their website which includes everything you need to learn and practice applying these extensions. Included will be a two hour DVD which will show you step by step how to create stunning fibreglass nails. The pack will also include their nail training hand (much more patient that any model) on which you can practice and perfect you skills.

The Course In Detail

  1. This course assumes that you have no previous experience in applying nail enhancements so the fist part of the DVD is dedicated to bringing you up to speed on the basics:
    • What tools and products you will be using.
    • Client care.
    • How to spot and treat nail infections.
    • How you can earn money as a nail technician
  2. Part two will take you through the technique slowly explaining each process in detail:
    • Applying the layers of resin.
    • How to fit the pieces of fibreglass mesh.
    • Applying more resin to so that the fibreglass mesh goes clear.
    • Using the accelerator so that the resin sets hard.
    • How to add extra layers of to strengthen and shape nails.
    • The finishing procedure including buffing and polishing to create a fantastic look.
  3. The final part you tutor will demonstrate how to create a full set of fibreglass extensions at a speed expected from an experience nail technician.

Completing The Course

Set your best nail sets which you have created on the nail trainer back to Essential Nails for assessment if they meet an acceptable standard you will receive a Diploma issued by the Essential Nails Institute. This is Internationally recognised within the nail industry. What this means is that you will be able to gain your professional indemnity insurance with our Diploma. This insurance will cover you to work from home, mobile or in a salon.


If you don’t pass first time you will receive constructive feedback and on how you can improve. Hone your skills send back you work and it will be reassessed at no extra charge.