Airbrushed Nail Courses At Home

airbrushnailAirbrushed nail art work looks very unique and startling. The enhancement has become very popular recently and if you happen to have the skills to apply it you will definitely build a big clientèle in a short time. Many clients are looking for skilled airbrushed nail technician, but you need proper instruction from a qualified professional to know exactly how to perform it as wells as an accredited  qualification to charge clients for your work.

Learn at home with Essential Nails offer a the most popular way to learn and become qualified in applying nail enhancements and treatments in the UK. Their courses are fully accredited and qualification recognised by all the major professional beauty bodies. Many of their courses have become actually become a more popular way of training than traditional classroom or college training.


What will I learn?

airbrushed-nails-designsThis course will offer you all the training and knowledge to become a fully qualified airbrushed nail technician. You will learn in detail how to do everything from how to control the airbrush to creating 12 sophisticated popular designs which your client will love

A 2 hour DVD will offer detailed step by step instructions on how you use stencils and paints, how you control the flow of the airbrush and compressor to create startling art work on your clients nails. The DVD also offers information on how to promote you airbrush services as well as how to earn good money practising your skills.

Gina Wallace who is your tutor in this field, is both talented and experience in nail arts techniques, she is a three times Nail Arts Champion who is both popular and creative in her work, both as an authority in her field of beauty and nail arts. She is well equipped with the right tools to bring you enlightenment and in-depth training on how to use tools, brushes, acrylic nails, all the relevant and quality gels and polishes to make you a qualified and certified Airbrushed Artist.

How does it work?

You will be shown by the DVD which comes with the kit how to do Airbrushed from the beginners level to more advanced techniques, the tutor will walk with you step by step until you are well versed with the Arts and ready to go, you will learn gradually how to create more than twelve unique designs which is an advanced stage for this profession, they are not just training you but also making you to be a professional through careful mentoring by your qualified tutor in this field.

Do I need any previous experience or qualifications?

This course doesn’t require you to have previous qualifications or experience, anybody can do it all at the comfort of your home.

What else do I need?

Apart from a willingness to learn and donate some of you spate time, nothing. The pack which you revive in the post will include all you require to become a qualified Airbrushed Artist, it comes with everything you need to learn, practice and master airbrushing with Gina Wallace as your instructor.


Pack content

abcontentThis Airbrushed Nail Courses at home kit, comes with all products you need to learn successfully. All tools are included, you will learn how to control the flow of air within the paint itself which is fundamental for the technology, how to use the compressor and the brush itself, use stencils and create 3D designs, how to use the tools and products related to Airbrush. You get to practice you new found skills to your hearts content with the world most patient model: the patented and innovative nail’s trainer. are the only long distance learning nail course provider who’s qualifications are recognised by the Beauty Guild.

Assessment and Certification

When you are happy with you work (there is no deadline) you send it back to Essentialnails for assessment. If it is up to the required standard you will be issued with a diploma certificate  and you will be a fully qualified nail technician in airbrushing nails. With this certificate you will be able to become insured and charge clients for doing their nails. If you don’t pass, don’t worry. You will receive all the help you need to raise you skills to the required standard so you can submit your work again with no further cost to yourself.