Other Nail Courses

If it doesn’t involve the acrylic or gel systems then you will find it here. From fibreglass extensions to freehand art, nail maintenance and manicures. Most of these make a perfect upskill step after you have either gel or acrylic extensions training in the bag.

Airbrushed Nail Courses At Home

Airbrushed nail art work looks very unique and startling. The enhancement has become very popular recently and if you happen to have the skills to apply it you will definitely build a big client√®le in a short time. Many clients are looking for skilled airbrushed nail technician, but you need proper instruction from a qualified […]

Nail Art Courses at Home

Learning how to create stunning designs as well as the basic techniques for creating your own masterpieces can not only be a lot of fun but also the path to a very lucrative career as a nail technician. A nail art home course is perfect for anyone wishing to add another popular enhancement to their […]

Maintaining Nails Home Course

This is the perfect follow up course for budding technicians who have learned one of the basic enhancements such as gel, acrylic, fibreglass extensions. Any client who’s nails you have worked on will need a little work every 2 weeks or so to keep them looking as good as new. This is the perfect way […]

Spa Manicure & Pedicure Home Course

The manicure was said to have originated in India, where burnt orange henna was used to dye nails, while the Ancient Egyptians favoured the colour red as a status symbol, using a combination of strawberries and henna to create an attractive red. In the early 20th century with the industrial revolution under way, the technology […]

Fibreglass Nails Home Course

They may not be as popular as the acrylic or gel systems but fibreglass nails are superior in many ways: Odourless application. The extensions are easier to remove compared to acrylic of gel. The perfect choice for someone who chews their nails. The finished nails are robust and natural looking. Fibreglass Extensions 101 In this […]