Gel Nail Courses From Home

gel nailsAlong with acrylics, gel nails have grown to be an incredibly popular form of nail enhancement. Learning how to apply these extensions is a perfect choice for the inexperienced firstly because it is an essential treatment that every technician should know and be confident applying (a lot of your client will ask for them), secondly they are much easier to apply than acrylics and every technician worth her salt should be comfortable applying one of these enhancements.

Why Are They So Popular?

Compared to a typical manicure they are chip resistant, odour free and mould perfectly with any nail whether it is long or short. The great thing is they it is a enhancement which is very easy to achieve making a course on this enhancement perfect for budding nail techs with no little experience.

Essential Nails

If you choose to learn with EssentialNails you will be joining thousands of others as they offer the most popular and successful way to gain accredited qualifications in the UK.

The course is a flexible home course which you can complete at you own pace and is designed for people with busy lifestyles as alternative to attending classes.


How Does It Work?

Order the full home course and Essential Nails will send you all the tools you need to learn how to create professional extensions and become qualified. This will include:

  • An instructional DVD – containing lessons from  your personal tutor you can watch, rewind and pause and repeat.
  • The Nail Trainer – their unique practice hand so you can practice and perfect your skills whenever you like.
  • All the products and tools required to apply this enhancement including a curing lamp.

Course Contents

  1. Initially you will be taught the basics regarding the tools and products required to apply extensions and about the industry in general. You will then be shown how you can extend the length of your clients nails using the latest techniques including how to land and apply tips.
  2. Following this you will be shown essential bonding and building techniques and how to apply the finishing layer to a nail. The final layer is the gel which you  will apply with a brush. You will be taught how these separate layers bind together and how you can go about removing the final layer to leave the glass like finish. Your understanding of these techniques will be aided by a slow step by step approach with useful graphics to help.
  3. Finally you will see how a professional technician builds a complete set from start to finish on the training hand at a speed which would be expected in a beauty salon.

Once you have completed to course you send some of you work back to EssentialNails which they will assess. If it is up to standard they will issue you with a nationally recognised diploma certificate. With this you will be able to obtain professional indemnity insurance which will allow you to charge clients for your work.

What Is Included?

  • gelcontentThe Training practice hand
  • UV light box (14w)
  • 2 hour long teaching DVD & reference manual
  • Practice nails (100)
  • Extension tips (100)
  • Cotton wipes & workhorse towels
  • Clippers & cuticle pusher
  • Glue nozzles
  • Polish, tip adhesive & top coat
  • File and buffer pack & manicure brush
  • Dream Gel brush, cuticle oil, residue remover & sanitiser
  • Progress cards & question papers (8)
  • Telephone support, assessment & certification

Why Choose A Home Course?

This comprehensive, easy and convenient course is a very simple private training course which you complete in the comfort of your own home in your own time. It involves no travelling or college commitments and represents one of the most popular way to learn new beauty treatments.

It is perfect for you if you are a budding nail professional who has little or no previous experience. There are no entry requirements and includes everything you will require to become qualified in apply gel nails.

Although this is in a fundamental treatment this course will also benefit any professional technicians looking to learn one of the most popular trends requested by clients.