Gel Nail Courses

Get trained in what is probably the most popular nail enhancement. Gel is a system which is much easier to apply than acrylics so it is easy to learn and apply but an incredibly useful skill the have as part of your repertoire of nail skills.

Gel Polish Home Courses

The demand for gel polish from client in salons, spas and nail bars is as high as it has ever been.  It is easy to understand why: You can apply it very quickly. Very durable, it does not wear or chip for at least two weeks. It is the perfect polish for natural nails or […]

Gel Nail Courses From Home

Along with acrylics, gel nails have grown to be an incredibly popular form of nail enhancement. Learning how to apply these extensions is a perfect choice for the inexperienced firstly because it is an essential treatment that every technician should know and be confident applying (a lot of your client will ask for them), secondly […]