White Tips on Acrylic Nails [2 Answers]

White Tips on Acrylic NailsI would like to have acrylic nails, does anyone know now to do the white tips? What products do I used that are available in the UK?

Thanks girls.



I’m assuming that you are a nail technician.

There are two ways to achieve that look.

  • The first is to use pink and white acrylic. You start with sculpting the tip with the white and apply the pink to the nailbed. All companies that sell acrylic powder should have pink and white powders.
  • The second is to use a white coloured tip. You should be able to find these in any beauty supply house. Apply the tip and then use clear acrylic over the entire top.

Does anybody know a good primer to use? No matter what I do they start lifting in like 2-3 days. Also I heard to put powder cement glue in my powder. does anybody know what kind? thanks I appreciate it.

Are you a new technician?

If so, I know what you are going through. I have been out of school for one year now and learned everything by trail and error.

The best primer to use is “No Lift” primer, works like a charm. Do not use cement product at all, as it will damage the nailplate, and it will not work with the polymer.

Your momimer is important too. I use a “Creative ” momimer called “rention” by Creative.

Also there is a trick when you prep a nail, and you use a liquid to dehydrate the nail so that the product will stick and just make sure that your liquid to powder ratio is 3 to one.

If you have any questions feel free to let me know, but the No Lift primer works good and practice, that’s what it took with me. Grab a friend and offer to do her nails for free and ask her if you can try new things on her. And that you will do it for free and you will be surprised on how easy it gets.