How to Paint Nails Perfectly in 3 Easy Steps

polish3With the right knowledge and skills, you can make your nails look like you spent a fortune on them. Most women assume that they have to go to a beauty salon to have as manicure and / or pedicure in order to have their nails looking exceptionally good. However, this is not entirely true. This sort of perfection does not have to involve the services of a beauty salon or a person who specializes in nail art. By using these 3 simple steps, you willbe able to achieve beautiful and salon quality looking nails yourself .

1. Preparation

Before you start the nail painting, start by cutting, pushing and filing them. This might seem to be a simple step, but it is important in ensuring you achieve nail perfection. Some people tend to do this step when the have finished painting their nails. However, cutting, pushing your cuticles and filing the tips are to be done prior to painting if perfection is to be achieved. Making such steps after apply the polish might end up ruining a perfectly done paint job.

1a. Remove old polish

Some people have the habit of painting their nails over old varnish. If you want a job well done, you should remember to remove any old polish that you may have on your nails. One major disadvantage of painting over old work is the colours of the new polish might not appear as well as you had imagined. Uneven surfaces caused by the might also result in poor results.

2. Apply Polish

Once you have done these two steps, your next step is painting the nails. It is advisable to have a base coat that will go well with the polish that you want to use. Most, if no all, perfect scenarios have been the result of using a base coat. Since most of them are clear liquids, you should not have a problem finding a good one for the job. Once you have applied the base coat, you should follow with the varnish of you choice. This should be done keenly and perfectly. Apply enough coats to achieve a good coverage. Remember, it is prudent to let each coat dry before applying the next one. Giving each coat time to dry results in clean and smooth looking nails.

3. Apply a Top Coat

At this point, most people tend to assume the job is done. However, to achieve nail perfection, a top coat is recommended. A top coat can be simply defined as a clear coat of polish. Its main purpose is prevention of alterations and any other causes that might change the tone and finish of the polish. This step is mainly used to maintain you new beautiful talons. Finally, you can do a touch of any imperfections that you may see. Flaws can only be seen when you have finished doing all of the steps above. In the event you come across any, correcting will ensure that you have achieved perfection. Painting your nails to perfection can be done as long as patience and dedication is involved.