An Introduction to Nail Polish

polishBeautiful hands are a testament of a woman’s overall beauty. Thus, to ensure that their hands look beautiful, one of the most common and least-expensive beauty accessory used by women is none other than nail polish. It is also known as enamel or varnish as well. Women apply this enamel to nails in order to colour and garnish them. In general, women do not mind spending up to twenty dollars for a bottle and it is available in a variety of colours.

It is usually available in a small glass bottle that has a twist-on cap with a brush attached to it. The coloured liquid in the bottle is known as polish or enamel. Once women have applied it onto their nails, it dries and hardens up after a few minutes, and a thin shell-like layer is formed over the nails.

Colouring agents, filming agents, plasticizers, resins and solvents are the four main ingredients. There are so many different brands and types manufactured by various companies that have their own formulas for the preparation the polish they produce. It is available in numerous colours, including the clear variety to those that have a bright neon shade. Even glow in the dark enamel is available as well.


Women often apply nail polish to their nails to match the colour to the colour of the outfit they are dressed in. Imperfections such as chips, dents or discolouration that are embarrassing and appear unsightly can be covered by applying it. Enamel that has been applied to nails can be easily removed and replaced with another colour.

When applying it, women typically apply a base coat first so that the nail’s surface is evened out and darker colours are prevented from getting discoloured. It is applied next by even stroking it on the nails to apply to thin layer that is not bumpy or uneven. The top is applied once the polish has dried. Additional shine is added by the top coat, and the varnish is also prevented from chipping by it.


All-in-one enamel is also available in the market, which contain the base coat, varnish and top coat altogether and can be applied in one go. The quick-drying type is another type of polish, which dries up a lot faster than typical nail varnish. Those who have weak nails can even get strengthening varnish, and those want their enamel to last longer without chipping can apply long lasting varnish.

Evaluating the condition of the nails is the best way of choosing the type and deciding one will be more ideal. An everyday colour will be most appropriate when choosing the shade of nail polish, while several other colours that will accentuate the wardrobe can also be selected. In the bottle, enamel can last for about a year. Women enjoy adorning their nails and the beauty accessory women prefer to use for decorating their nails is enamel.