French Manicure Topcoat?

FrenchManicureTopcoatCan anyone please tell me what is the topcoat manicurists usually put on top of French manicures and airbrushing to seal it? I know it’s a really thick kind of coat.

Sorry, I have no idea. Usually it’s a clear coat with anti-yellowing properties. it filters out the uv rays. Any beauty supply store would have it.


Most of the time it is a gel topcoat. I use an at home system on my nails called O’Nails. I love it keeps my nails strong and looking great. I usually put 2 coats on then paint the nails (do my own French manicure, just takes some practice) then one more coat so there is no chipping. Cheaper than the salon! only £30 for the kit vs. 20 every 2 weeks at the salon. Sorry salon you lose!


Are you positive it is a “real” gel coat system? just buyer beware.