Fingernails Peeling In Layers

Fingernails PeelingI would like to know why my fingernails are so unhealthy. They seem really soft and they seem to peel or be in layers! I have tried all kinds of remedies, such as “no more peel”, strengthener, etc. However, nothing seems to work. I have 3 or 4 sisters who have the same problem but it has just happened in the last 5 years. I am 58 years old. Could medication for B>P. cause this? They have gotten so bad that they are sore. Please help!

Why whenever I try to grow my fingernails that they end up splitting from the sides.
Example: My nail will grow good but when it gets a certain length which isn’t that long at all its tends to crack or have a split on the side and I have to end up cutting and starting over again.

Balanced Diet

Make sure you`re on a well balanced diet, you could use a vitamin/mineral supplement to give your nails a “boost”. I would advise you to use cuticle oil daily and massage the entire cuticle area with it. Meanwhile you could have a layer of gel or fibreglass applied to your natural nails. The purpose of this is to prevent them from peeling or breaking and to give them the chance to grow stronger. Make sure this is done by a professional technician who knows what she is doing, do not have him or her remove any more than just the shine.

I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to remove the yellow tint from fingernails after you’ve been wearing polish for too long. thanks!

You can use a 3-way buffer to remove the (yellow) top layer of your nail and to re-apply a shine. A base coat will prevent them from staining when you apply polish. Also, soaking them in olive oil for a couple of minutes each day makes them stronger.

Fibreglass Extensions

How are fibreglass nails adhered to your natural nail? Are they glued? My dermatologist cautioned me a few years ago from using any glues on my very thin nails as the glue could kill the cells that produce them. I have used gel extensions and the gel was not strong enough to prevent splitting and tearing of some of my nails. I am still looking for the best solution to my problem.

  1. I had glued on extensions.
  2. Wouldn’t have mattered.
  3. Any artificial fingernails.
  4. Was working in the yard raking and the rake fell.
  5. I went to grab it and my nail bent back and broke about a quarter inch into the skin from the cuticle.
  6. I passed out.
  7. When I came to the nail was laying next to me and my real nail still glued on with the extra quarter inch of white nail matrix from under the skin.

Now I have doctors saying keep it dry, keep in moist, keep it wrapped, let the air dry it, seems no where I go I get a straight answer, does any one have a clue how to keep the finger so the nail has a small chance of maybe growing again?