Fake Nail Designs

nail-designsThere is no secret that women have always loved beautiful nails. In contrast to the past when they paid special attention to clothing and hairstyles, the attention is now shifting to nail beauty. This area of beauty is one of the many ways through which a modern woman would want to remain in a class of her own. While the concept of beauty has encompassed nails, there is the emergence of different styles, with fake extensions already creating a buzz in most fashion circles. There exists many fake nail designs for a modern woman to choose from.

Today, women pay just as much attention to their nails just the way they do their hairstyles or clothing. As opposed to the latter, nails have been designed to enable women match them with any occasion or theme. From simple polishes, nail beautification has evolved into various enhancements that have undoubtedly developed into a form of art.

The idea behind gel or acrylic extensions is to turn fingernails into objects of art. Ideally, it is the art of using extensions which are then decorated to achieve unique styles that match the divergent tastes of women. The designs have developed to being more than just playing a substitute role to the real thing. There are extensions that have been customized to fit any size of natural nail. This is of course a blessing to women with distorted fingernails.


Acrylic extensions can be described as the in thing now. The idea of painting acrylics into bright colours and then decorating them is an art in its own. These designed enhancements do not only look stylish but are also elegant to portray a taste of uniqueness.

With a couple of these designs in your wardrobe, you won’t have to worry about what to wear to compliment the theme of your dress. You can have a quick fix without necessary visiting the spar for that time consuming and often expensive manicure or pedicure. They also come handy for women with problems growing longer nails.

Strong and Durable

As opposed to what most people believe, fake extensions are actually stronger than the real thing and have extended lifespan. This is a sharp contrast to most polishes that will fade away after a certain time. They also come in sizzling colours to help you match the mood and the colour of your attire. Whether you are attending an evening party or office meeting, extensions perfectly chip in. All it takes is to fix a fake extension onto your nails and you are good to go.

No Technician Necessary

The best part of a professionally designed artificial nail is that it is cheap and easy to use at home. You actually don’t need the help of a professional nail technician to use them. This makes them an ideal alternative every woman should consider.

Wearing artificial nails is the best way to make your statement known. With several fake nail designs available, you can sit back and relax while choosing from several varieties available for that elegant look. Whether you are a professional woman or a young lady who wants to leave a lasting impression, these enhancements will put your fears to rest.