Are Extensions Bad For Your Nails?

nailextensionsI wore artificial extensions for a year. How long does it take your own nails to look good after wearing them. Are artificial extensions good or bad for your own natural nails?


Only as long as it takes for all the thinned out nail takes to grow out completely.

One misconception about acrylics is that they ruin them permanently by making them thinner than ever before. They don’t, you just forget exactly how then they were before you did put them on, so keep that in mind.

Hey they would be thin for awhile but they get better after acrylics. They don’t ruin the nail for life.

Are You Kidding?

Acrylics are the worse thing for your nails. The longer you keep them on the worse they get. They are a living organ, they need to breath. Acrylics are made from very strong chemicals, you should know, the salon that applies them on stinks.

Even glued on extensions are not good when kept on too long. I have ruined my own because of it. This will take a very long time to grow back to normal. There is a product out there that works after the removal of acrylics. This helps to thicken them up so their not so fragile and weak.

You can take Horsetail (Equisetum) vitamin E and biotin. Vitamin B6 helps. Eat cauliflower, nuts, soy bean and liver.

A thing to remember, nails grown 1/2 an inch a month in the summer and 1/4 in the winter so you can imagine how long it will take for the entire lot to grow back to normal. Just eat right.
good luck ladies.

Hello,I had my extensions on for about 4 months. Every time I bump them, they split in the middle. Why does it do that? Then when I went to the shop, it burn so badly. Why did it burn? What do you think I should do about it when my nail split again. Should I wait awhile to getting did or just go right ahead and get them did back over?

overlaysI’m thinking about getting overlays my nails seem to break easy these days, my 2 middle fingers broke and won’t grow now it’s driving me insane I’m worried about damaging my nails it took me forever to grow them out healthy.

I have short nails, when I was in school I used to do my nails in acrylic and after I could not stand them, I growed my nails out and last week I cut them back cus I just can’t have long nails but that’s just me! My real mil used to use Mane N’ Tail Hoofmaker Hand and Nail Therapy and that lotion really worked her nails were so strong and incredibly gorgeous, I used it and it worked just as well!

I’m going to have to check that out. I cant stand having acrylics, my nails are so thin and brittle it just destroys them.

Gel Polish

I want to get the new gel nail polish done it doesn’t damage your nails and last for ten days. My salon does it for £10. I wore acrylics for so long because my nails are thin and peel but now I want to go natural so I’m going to try that to help my nails grow a bit and be stronger.