Advantages & Disadvantages of Acrylic Nails

As you may have guessed here at HNC we love nail extensions and acrylics are one of a favourite types so we thought we would delve a little deeper into some of the good things about them and a few of their drawbacks.



Perhaps one of the most important benefits is how long your extensions will last and what you can use them for  (and what you can’t). With acrylic extensions you can do just about anything from opening cans of coke to parcels, these extensions will take just about anything you throw at them.


Another great advantage of having acrylics is that you can change them whenever and however you like. Want square ends? Easy, want pointy or round ends? no problem. Some people change there tastes as often as there socks so this kind of versatilely is important.


Lets face it there is not much you can’t do with acrylics. The only limit is your imagination be it their shape, size, accessories or finish.

They look real

There is no other artificial extension which can look as realistic as an acrylic extension when done by a competent technician. Look closely and it is incredibly hard to tell where the natural part ends and the extension begins. This is probably due to the fact that the material is so customisable to any thickness or width.


Ideally all of out fingernails would grow to look exactly the same, but of course they don’t. Acrylics can correct this by bringing perfect uniformity to your nails, and because they look like natural ones no one will know about your irregular nails but you


Maintaining them

Most of us need to do this about once every two weeks, which is an unwanted expense and a little annoying. You will need to get them filled even more often if you nails grow fast.

Your natural nails

The extensions will protect you natural talons but lets face it there is not much room for them to grow thick, strong and healthily. At some point your extensions will need to come off and the odds are you will not like what you see: they are usually thin, weak and easily breakable.

You can’t wear them forever

Occasionally you need to have a break from acrylics to let you natural talons grow and breath unrestrained.

Personal maintenance

Your technician may be able to fill in every couple of weeks but it is up to you to keep them clean and tidy, which is not as easy as it sounds. You can get a lot of stuff under these extensions. Wash them regularly, particularly under the nail bed.

The smell.

Once they are set, they are odourless but having a full set done in a salon or nail bar can be quite unpleasant if you have a good sense of smell. People who are especially susceptible apparently find the chemical smell unbearable and get headaches too.  Why do you think the technicians wear masks?