Acrylic Nail Damage

damageI had the acrylic nails taken off about a month ago and my nails are splitting a lot and it is very painful because they are splitting vertically so no matter how much I file them down it continues to split downward.

Please help me. Tell me what I can do.


I just also took off my acrylics only a week ago and the glue and powder and sanding really took their toll on mine also.

  • Keep your hands out of water as much as possible-wear gloves
  • Use a vitamin e based oil on them when you can and have patience, which is the most difficult part for any of us
  • Use a natural growth formula in the morning and at bedtime for the correct amount of time
  • Stop filing them because you’re adding insult to injury
  • Massaging the matrix and cuticle is utmost important

Our nails need all the “circulation help” they can get right now when their in this kind of shape. they will recover and it will be worth it I promise.

Natural Growth Formula

Thank you. Where can I purchase the Natural Growth Formula? Waiting for them to get back to normal is the difficult part. I only had them on a month and they are damaged really bad. Well, Thanks so much. Have a good day.

It comes in large and small sizes and really lasts a long time. a little goes a long way! I use the buffing cream and buffer also to give my nails – I use that term loosely – a shine without clear polish, but I think the growth formula will do you more good than anything right now.

I’ve used these products off and on for the last couple of years and have always gone back to acrylics for whatever silly reason and not followed through with this treatment plan. I see such a difference in the last week, not so much in growth, but in the healthiness of my nail bed.

My “nails” are starting to turn pink again which has to be a good thing! I plan on sticking this out for the long haul because I know I can grow my own strong nails. I know we both can have normal nails again.

Thank you, I know we can have normal nails again too. Just stick it out this time and I will do the same because my nails are in really bad shape and I don’t want to have to go through this again. Thank you so much I really appreciate it.

I received my nail growth formula today. I thought that was fast. I just ordered it 2 days ago. Anyway, I will keep you posted on my results. Thanks again.

That’s great! they don’t mess around! I am actually starting to see a little white starting to show up on mine. Twice a day for ten minutes, every day-seems so simple. I too, will keep you updated.

Removing Acrylics

removalMy name is Emma and all of these posts are making me very nervous! I’ve had acrylic nails for 5 months now and I LOVE them. In my pre-acrylic nail days, I was always one to want to hide my hands because of my pitiful finger nails. Having pretty nails has been such a luxury for me.

Here is my dilemma: I’ve been asked to play guitar at my church, which of course requires short nails (at least on the chord playing hand) I was planning, as much as I don’t want to, to have the nails removed, but now I’m not sure I want to see what’s underneath! Last time I went for a fill, I requested having the whole nail removed and starting from scratch. I was so surprised as to how difficult it was for them to get the nails off. I soaked, they clipped, wedged, sanded and it still didn’t seem that my own nail was bare when they put on the new ones and what did show of my own nails looked HORRIBLE! Do you suggest just letting them grow out over removing them? Please advise. Thanks so much.

P.S. I’m glad to have happened upon this nice site.

Just from my own personal experience, the nail you have under your acrylics is incredibly thin and will be so for a while. if you do decide to let the acrylics “grow out”, be careful when they start to become “loose” from your natural nail. If you catch and bend the acrylic part back you can even further injure your own nail.

You can remove your own acrylics, but like growing your own nails it requires a lot of time and patience. You will need:

  • pure acetone,
  • a bunch of round cotton squares
  • some aluminium foil.

Just do one or two at a time because it will require some time.

  • Warm up the acetone by setting it in a bowl of hot water
  • Soak the cotton in it,
  • Wrap them around the acrylic
  • Wrap the foil over that to keep it moist.

Don’t be tempted to look after a few minutes, because as soon as you take away the acetone the acrylic will re-harden.

You might have to file some also, but not with a file with too much grit. I took mine off this way and my fingers were a little sore, but much better off than some of the horror stories I’ve read about nail techs “popping” them off along with most of your own nail.

If you have a nail technician you trust then let them do it, but it shouldn’t hurt and it shouldn’t take off even more layers of your own natural nail. Your nails will be dehydrated if you decide to do this so a good “oil bath” for them will do wonders.

I have done this so many times to myself, trying to break the hold acrylics had on me. I loved having the acrylics, but just felt I was ruining my own. my nails are just starting to recover now after 2 weeks of using the nail formula. I finally see some “pink” coming back in them and a little white on a couple. there is hope!

Thanks you so much for your reply. I think I’ll give the removal technique you described a try. Maybe I’ll just trim them down to start with and then work on removing them when I have a good chunk of time. I do so appreciate your taking time to reply. Have a great day.