UV Gel Polish Taster Course Now Under £40

Enrol on the new UV Gel Polish Taster Course For Only £39.95 and explore what the exciting world of nails is all about. This new home study course is a ideal way for someone who is considering becoming a nail technician. If you would like to try an Essential Nails course to see what it […]

Essential Nails Easter Eggstravaganza

Essentialnails.com are treating you for Easter: up to £50 off Essential Nails Diploma Courses from Friday 3rd – Monday 6th April. The offer applies to full or conversion courses; which means, if you have done a course with them already and have a Nail Trainer® practice hand, you won’t miss out, you can take another […]

Fingernails Peeling In Layers

I would like to know why my fingernails are so unhealthy. They seem really soft and they seem to peel or be in layers! I have tried all kinds of remedies, such as “no more peel”, strengthener, etc. However, nothing seems to work. I have 3 or 4 sisters who have the same problem but […]

Need To Strengthen My Nails

My nails keep breaking I’m getting so frustrated. I’m debating going to the salon and getting a full set done. I like to change my polish a lot I’m not sure if I can still do that. Gel or acrylic You should be able to get a full set and change the colour a couple […]

Are Extensions Bad For Your Nails?

I wore artificial extensions for a year. How long does it take your own nails to look good after wearing them. Are artificial extensions good or bad for your own natural nails? Time Only as long as it takes for all the thinned out nail takes to grow out completely. One misconception about acrylics is […]

French Manicure Topcoat?

Can anyone please tell me what is the topcoat manicurists usually put on top of French manicures and airbrushing to seal it? I know it’s a really thick kind of coat. Sorry, I have no idea. Usually it’s a clear coat with anti-yellowing properties. it filters out the uv rays. Any beauty supply store would […]

Acrylic Nail Removal Help

A few weeks ago I got my nails done professionally for the first time. I got acrylics. I only got them done because I received a gift certificate to a nail salon for my birthday but I don’t really like it and don’t plan on doing it again. My problem is I cant get them […]

Fake Nail Designs

There is no secret that women have always loved beautiful nails. In contrast to the past when they paid special attention to clothing and hairstyles, the attention is now shifting to nail beauty. This area of beauty is one of the many ways through which a modern woman would want to remain in a class […]

Acrylic Nail Damage

I had the acrylic nails taken off about a month ago and my nails are splitting a lot and it is very painful because they are splitting vertically so no matter how much I file them down it continues to split downward. Please help me. Tell me what I can do.   I just also […]

What Is Soak Off Gel Nail Polish?

Soak off nail polish differs from the traditional forms in many different ways. Each layer of gel is applied using a brush. Each layer is then dried, or “cured”, by means of an ultraviolet light. Additional layers are then applied using the same method to dry each coat before applying the next one. Advantages By […]