Acrylic Nail Course From Home

acrylic-nail-extensionsAcrylics are the original nail extension and continue to be a very popular enhancement, even after the surging popularity of gel extensions. It is a system every respected technician should be able to provide for their clients.

Although they are a little trickier to master when compared to applying gel extensions an acrylic nail course is an ideal follow on from gels as quite a few of the techniques are very similar to both types of extension.

 Acrylic Extensions

Why have they become so popular? They are strong, beautiful, long lasting and natural looking to boot. They can provide an infinite number of designs and are very easy to look after.

Acrylics Course With Essential Nails

Training with Essential Nails represents one of the most popular ways in the UK to become a qualified nail technician and learn may different types of treatments and enhancements including acrylic extensions.

You will learn through a comprehensive acrylic course from home which you can complete in your own time and is a popular alternative to conventional class training. Once you have completed the course you will receive an accredited and national recognised diploma.


How It Works

acrylic-nail-extensions-contentOnce you order your course at their website you will be sent everything you need to learn, practice and complete it. It will include a DVD and reference manual which will lead you slowly through the process choosing, fitting and blending extension tips and how to shape and finish them perfectly. Every aspect of the technique is covered in minute detail.

Also included in the pack is The Nail Trainer practice hand and 100 practice nails on which you can master your art. This unique piece of equipment is the perfect fake hand and nails to practice on.

What You Will Learn

  • The first part of the DVD teaches you all about the different products and tools required (all of which are included) to create stunning acrylic extensions. Also included is a section on how to deal with clients and look for signs of and treat nail infections if necessary as well as keeping everything clean and sterile.
  • In the second part you tutor will show you in minute detail with a step by step approach how to:
    1. Select and fit an extension tip and blend it to your clients nail.
    2. Mix powder and liquid acrylic and where to apply it.
    3. Shape and finish the extension
  • In the third part your personal tutor will demonstrate the whole process at creating 5 acrylic extensions just as a profession nail technician would. You may be surprised at how fast it can be done.

Save the nails which you have created and return the to Essential Nails and, as long as the are pass the required standard, you will be sent your diploma in acrylics. With this nationally accredited certificate you can obtain insurance and start making money.