Why Do A Nail Course From Home?

Are there any advantages to studying for a Nail Diploma at home? Yes there are quite a few, read on…

Disadvantages of being class trained

With conventional class one on one courses you obviously need to attend a class at a specific time and place. These classes will often be held at a training centre at a time which suits the class trainers – you don’t get to pick when and where you do the course. You will have to arrange the rest of you life – including work commitments, child care, previous engagements etc. – around them. Also you are unlikely to find a hand model for each session which could lead to there being gaps in you training which you will have to fill at a later date.


Also if you have ever been taught at a training centre you may have noticed a distinct lack of materials with which to work as everyone attending has to rely on the trainers to provide them all.

Consider this: we all like to learn at a different pace, if you prefer a slow pace you will probably find that the tutors at these classes goes through all the information an material far to fast for you to absorb it all. This can leave you at the end of a session lacking in the proper understanding required to go forward with the practical side of nail treatment you are supposed to be learning.

Distance Learning

nail-trainerYou will have none of these issues when you learn you nails from home. All of the courses at Essentialnails.com have been carefully designed to be flexible enough to cater for all learning speeds and previous experience. They come in a module format where you work though each on step by step.

But (you may be thinking) how do I ask questions that are not covered in the DVD or manual?

You can contact you personal tutor at any time. In fact it is probably easier to ask questions one on one with this type of training compared to going to classes as you can only ask when you are there. You tutor is a nail expert (more than can be said of many class trainers) and you get unlimited telephone support with throughout your course.

Learning at home – not just nail skills – is rapidly gaining in popularity as our lives are becoming more hectic with so much of our time taken up by work, looking after the kid or social commitments. For more and more of us, attending a class is just not an option and a distance learning is the perfect alternative.

  • Take the time to learn at your own pace and time whether it is on the weekends or in the evenings.
  • You don’t have to worry about the expense and time travelling to training centres
  • If you make any mistakes you simply learn from it and try again, there is no need to worry about others judging you work
  • No need to find childcare
  • Watch and listen to your tutor on the DVD as many time as you like, pausing and rewinding to go over certain aspect of the techniques is one of the biggest advantages to learning form home.
  • Their training hand is far more patient than any model or client – take as long as you like to master your skills. You will not be told to hurry up by tutors of colleges.