Questions To Ask Your Training Provider

training-coursesNot sure which training provider to use? Here are a few questions you should ask potential training course providers before choosing which one you should use.

  1. Will I be good enough to earn an income from nails after completing your course?
  2. I know I need to make at least 100 nails before I will start to do a good job, do I get unlimited practice?
  3. Do you actually examine the nails I’ve made during the training? If not, how do you assess my work?
  4. Do I have access to full time student support coaches by telephone, email, Facebook, live chat and twitter?
  5. Are all the successful students stories on your website, and the Facebook posts for students and graduates actually genuine?
  6. Can I start the course tomorrow?
  7. Can I earn back the training fees by working on my first 12 clients?
  8. Is the certificate I get recognised in the beauty industry?
  9. How long have you been providing courses? If you’re a new on-line company, how will i know you’ll still be here for support next month?
  10. Can I spread the payments?
  11. Are the products supplied in fully professional?
  12. Are the products supplied on the course full volumes, or are they tiny sample bottles?
  13. If I book your classroom course, and arranged travel and childcare so I can attend, will you cover my costs and give me my money back if you cancel the course?
  14. Are your tutors Nail Experts, or do they just have beauty industry experience.
  15. The price looks cheap, are tools and products included in the fee, or will I have to by these when I attend? How much is this?
  16. If I attend your classroom course, how do I practice afterwards? I know practice is absolutely essential to getting good at nails, do you supply a Nail Trainer practice hand for me to do this?
  17. If I attend your classroom course, you tell me to bring a friend to work on, does that mean I have to be a model for her for half the day? So I only get half a day’s tuition and practice.
  18. Can I really learn 6 different nail skills in a day? Wouldn’t that mean that everyone could do it, it’s easy??
  19. Honestly now, how long does an average person take to learn how to do nails, including practice time?

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