Nail Courses FAQs

faqsHere you will find many frequently asked questions regarding the different nail systems, technologies and enhancements as well as the nail courses offered by Essential Nails.

Gel or acrylic, which one should I learn?

Any serious nail technician will have mastered both systems as they are both very popular and regularly requested by clients. Both gel and acrylic can produce beautiful looking nails but if you have to choose just one, or maybe you would like to know which course you should opt for first consider these factors:

  • There are usually more requests for acrylics than gels as they have been around much longer.
  • As there is no mixing of powder and liquid many find gel nails to be easier than acrylics.
  • The consensus from those who do both is that acrylic nail are more satisfying to do.
  • Gel nails are completely odourless (good) unlike acrylics which has a smell which you may not be fond of.

Still not sure which one to do? I would probably go for gel nails as they are easier and odourless and then move onto acrylic nails which you will find much easier to learn after doing gel as many of the techniques are the same.

How long does one course take to complete?

This obviously depends on how much time you can devote to it each day or week. As a rule of thumb the average person will spend around 50 to 60 hours completing it, so you can do it in one week if you have the time or you could spend 12 weeks doing 5 hours per week. The choice is yours, there is no time limit or dead line to keep to.

How much weight does the qualification hold in the nail and beauty industry?

habiaThe diplomas issued by Essential nails are recognised nationally by every significant UK professional body, these include:

  • Habia – hair and beauty industry authority (the government appointed body and industry authority for nails, beauty and hair)
  • The Guild Of Beauty Therapists (these course are the only home study course accredited by The Guild).
  • The British Learning Association.
  • the_guildProfessional Beauty Direct.

Once you have been issued with your diploma you are officially a Nail Technician in the system which you have learned and can get insured for apply that treatment on paying clients.

Do I have to complete a home course within a certain time?

Courses from Essential nails have no time limit. Some take nine months, some take just a few weeks. The course is built to fit around your life so if you only have a small amount of time you can dedicate to it that’s no problem.  Typically those who complete it fast score better due to the fact that they are focusing on it more. You only need to send back your work for assessment once you are completely happy with it – you can keep on practising as long as you like. The standard recommended is that the nails are good enough for paying clients.

How fast should I be at completing a set of nails?

While you are learning new techniques and skill don’t worry about how long it is taking you. You are not going to be assessed on how fast you can finish a nail but on the quality of your work. So take your time and make sure you apply the enhancement correctly. Once you have mastered the techniques then you can work on reducing the time take – although this should come naturally – to around 30 minutes for each hand.

Why do I need a diploma to work on people’s nails

You don’t. You need an accredited qualification such as a diploma to be able to obtain professional indemnity insurance which is required if you want clients to pay for your work. If you just want to do your friends and families nails for free you obviously would not need such a qualification. If you want to make money from your skills, you do.